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I’m Back

It’s been a chaotic week or two. After lots of traveling, I’m exhausted. Took a trip south to visit my new graduate school  and find an apartment. Also had an overnight adventure to Chicago to meet with my ind. study instructor. It feels great to be back at the convent. The sisters greeted me with warm welcomes and the silence is refreshing.

Rode south in a truck with both parents. Three people scrunching in one truck for a road trip is a bit much. Surprisingly we had a rather easy trip. The drive went well, we didn’t want to kill each other, and I found a cute one-bedroom apartment. I feel much better about moving now that I met some people from my program and saw where I’ll live. My apartment has a balcony and a glass sliding door in both the front and back, creating lots of natural light. I want to set a peaceful mood with the decor, so it’s a place that fosters creativity. It certainly has potential.

Chicago was okay. Meeting and planning my class went well. My instructor is everything I could want in a mentor: kind, understanding, talented, driven, and funny. I’m incredibly excited to be working with her. However, for some reason, the trip triggered my anxiety pretty severely, so I was ungodly tense the entire 24 hours of traveling, which really kills my spirit. Being that tense is exhausting. My body was in fight or flight mode for too long; it drained me, causing some depression. Luckily, it was temporary, and a full night’s rest upon my return helped.

The photo book I had made for the sisters came while I was away. I got to show my mom today when she dropped me off. It turned out beautiful, full of nature photos I took on the property with powerful quotes. There’s also pictures of the sisters given to me specifically for this project by a few helpful outsiders. I’m going to give it to them as a going away gift when I move out on Saturday. I think they’ll really love it. They appreciate the little things, and I can picture them all looking at it multiple times in their library. I gave them a framed pen and ink drawing I did of a tree for Christmas, and they still rave about it. It’s not that I’m all that great of an artist, but they sure make me feel like it. I hope I can make others feel as special as they’ve made me feel. I’m feeling a bit of grief as this powerful experience comes to a close. Like everything–good and bad alike–this, too, shall pass.


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  1. Congratulations, Aimee, on all that you have achieved. It was very obvious today as the sisters welcomed you back how much they truly love you. I am also happy with your choice of GCSU – what a beautiful place! I look forward to watching you grow in the next three years. ❤ ya', Mom

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