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On a walk last night, I watched two foxes interact for about fifteen minutes. It appeared to be a mom and a younger one. I wasn’t super close, which is why they continued to go about their business. They’d look at me, occasionally, making sure I wasn’t moving toward them. They were lying on top of a mound of dirt in the cemetery. I’m guessing their den might be inside. I got such joy just watching them behave like my dog. They look so cute when they were doing ordinary things, like scratching themselves or doing the downward dog stretch.

The night before, a fawn stumbled out near me. It didn’t see me. As soon as I saw it emerge from the bushes, I sat perfectly still. Because it didn’t see me, it didn’t get scared. I loved watching the little thing frolic around. It must have been pretty young because it had a lot of spots and didn’t appear too stable on its feet. I didn’t see a mother around anywhere, though. I’m certainly going to miss living in such a beautiful location.

My friend, Tammy, spent the weekend here with me. The sisters love meeting my friends, and I love showing my friends what my life is like here. They’re both such foreign lifestyles to one another. Tammy and I went to a nice Mexican restaurant with the best margaritas. I don’t like mixed drinks very often, but these tasted perfect. The sister who connected me with my living situation recommended the place. I’d been there once before with my friend, Emily. I wish I’d have discovered the place sooner to take some of my other visitors there.

On Saturday we went to the local history museum. I never liked history in school, but it amazes me when I visit places and learn about the people who came before. It’s easier for me to imagine the people as actually living instead of being dead stories passed down. History reminds me of poetry in the way that both are not taught very well in school. These subjects should come alive, but are instead presented as facts to memorize and analyze.

This weekend I’m going South with my parents to find a place to live in August and meet with the director of my program. It will be interesting to see this foreign place I will call home for the next three years. Moving is such a shock–physically, mentally, spiritually. I was nervous to move in with the sisters, and that turned out great. It helps my confidence to remember that. Whatever the future brings, I will adapt.


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